Psychic Ability Development

Am I Psychic? This is not something we GET but something we have. What are the signs of being psychic?

They are many and come in different forms. Do you know who is telephoning when the phone rings, do you foresee a person and later it comes true or do you just know that everything will be all right?

Psychic talents are generally not used for your own personal gain, example – picking the winner of the next race or the lotto numbers.

This psychic talent is a process that helps us through our daily lives. The realization can be calming or can be a warning. Generally no danger comes with having such an ability but it is an awareness we must take heed of.

To develop your psychic ability talents you should listen to what you are being told, such as the thought that flashes in your head or that feeling you get when you think of something. It is listening to your thoughts that is the first step in developing your abilities. To continue developing your talents read as much on the subject you can.

Putting your psychic talents to practical use in your every day working life can be of benefit, especially when it comes to your workplace relationships with your managers, supervisors and co-workers.

A section has been dedicated to work place bully and harassment that describes our projections in life and dealing with workplace conflict.

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