Disturbing Violent Dreams Meaning

6:06 pm

Interpret Your Dreams What Do They Mean

Dream interpretation and analysis is an art you can easily learn. There is nothing sinister about your dreams and most will convey a special meaning. Not a warning, a special meaning.

Learning the difference is your first step in analyzing your own dreams.

Dream practitioners have over the years studied the meaning of dreams and have come to the conclusion that all dreams, no matter how insignificant they seem, can be interpreted to portray to you a real meaning in life.

Dreams often have a common theme running through them. They often contain symbols and when interpreting dreams it is a good idea to know some common dream symbols.

Symbols in your dreams such as snakes, spiders or any other object are the subject of a dream dictionary.

Dream symbols mean something. Let’s take the example of you dreaming about the house where you lived as a child. When you dream about your childhood house it would have been during a time when you have not had any negative influences in your life, a life of being innocent, that provided you the most security.

Often dreams about your house when you were a child opportunistically comes about during periods of trauma such as a separation or a divorce. The dream is providing you with security, a place where you will find a moments peace dreaming about the childhood memory.

Dreams often reset your brain. Provide you with calmness so you can clearly face the challenges in your life.

Disturbing and violent dreams often convey another meaning.

Violent Dream Analysis

When interpreting violent and disturbing dreams you will often come across the advice to write down the dream, as much as you can remember, as soon as you wake up. The reason for this is because when you awaken you will soon forget about your dream and find it difficult to recall.

The real secret, the secret no one will tell you, is to also record your feelings, your emotions, sweating, crying, feeling ill – every single emotion and sense you experienced.

By recording this you can yourself, easily identify the situation that you experience these feelings. If you wake up and your heart is thumping, then you have genuinely experienced an event that set of your fright flight mechanism, adrenalin.

Interpreting an emotion like this can be difficult. You could look at the dream guiding you that if you continue with a course of action in your life then this might be an emotion you will experience.

Let me elaborate on this by discussing a dream of death. Death in a dream often means the end of something. It does not and will never mean you or anyone else will die. Remember that point.

If you are working in a job that you actually despise doing because it is ruining your social life, the way you feel about yourself and you want to move on, then do it. The end of something dreams are often guiding you to end something for your own benefit.

This could also mean an abusive relationship, a challenging friendship or even a car that continually breaks down.

It is your dream. You know what is happening in your life. You and only you can associate an ending dream with what is occurring in your life.

Learning To Understand Disturbing Dreams

Violent and disturbing dreams really are a last resort dream. It is your mind, your subconscious screaming out to you, in no uncertain terms, that for your own good you have to end something or rather something is coming to an end where you need to accept it, so you can move on.

The higher the emotional quotient you feel in your dream, heart thumping, crying, night sweats – the more pressing the dream is for you to realize there is something you need to do, you have to take action and be prepared.

Take the example you dreamed about kissing your best friend, opposite sex or same sex, doesn’t matter. Could that dream mean you are attracted to your best friend or could that dream be saying to you that your best friend is your comfort, your security who you trust entirely?

That is how you interpret dreams, look at the dream, see the symbols, feel the emotions, use your sense and then start about analysing your dream with a true meaning.


4 Responses to Disturbing Violent Dreams Meaning

  1. Jaymie on at 11:09 am

    I had a dream where I saw someone being murdered or was already dead. She had long dark hair, and green or blue eyes. There were two men, both were in jump suites, denim blue. One was taller then the other by about 4-5 inches, the taller one possibly wearing a hat. Both men looked between 25-35 years old, they seemed semi clean shaven. They looked like they were burying her in a ditch under a large log by a fast running stream in a highly wooded area, her head by the stream. The ditch was very rounded and the dirt very dry. The stream ran from west to east, I could tell from where the sun was. I got the feeling she had been assaulted sexually, or was going to be because she looked passed the two men right into my eyes. She seemed frozen but I couldn’t tell if she was tied up, and I didn’t see her mouth gagged or anything. It was as if she knew she was going to die, and had given up fighting, but wanted me to know. The shorter man in my dream had a buzz cut and he saw that she wasn’t looking at him, that she was looking past him, between the two men, she looked right at me, like she was saying “help” with her eyes,but then he turned around, the shorter man, and he saw me. He head butted me at the same time I felt like he was saying “GET OUT”, and then I woke up. I have dreams like this all the time. About people I don’t know, and the images sometimes the people that want help in my dreams it seems, are very warped and muddled and scary. Others are very clear and I don’t know the people or the places .But I remember them in such detail either way, sometimes the next day I find myself online a week or so after looking up missing persons reports online. Sometimes names are given to me, places, but also sometimes they are mixed with my own memories of certain places. Any ideas? I’ve had dreams on and off like this all my life. ty ~ J

  2. TerryG on at 11:18 am

    Hello Jaymie, you are describing a very exciting ability. Rather then write here how to approach this, we would recommend finding a psychic in your area where you can sit with them and go through your experiences. A psychic who specialises in dream interpretation can offer you many techniques to develop this ability where you will have a greater understanding of your dreams and how to develop your own interpretations.

  3. Jaymie on at 3:19 pm

    TY for your prompt reply! I’ve been looking, but am skeptical of scams. Any recommendations in the NorthWest US area of anyone who might have a better understanding of my dreams, and/or specializes in how to better understand them myself. Thank you very much again ~ J

  4. TerryG on at 4:04 pm

    Hello Jaymie, no I do not know anyone in that area. My suggestion here is word of mouth. Ask your friends and colleagues, someone will no of a credible psychic. Good luck.

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