Disturbing and Violent Dreams

Have you ever had a dream where you committed a violent act or it truly disturbed you?

You will find that when you are involved in a violent and disturbing dream, that you really would not consider acting in this way and the dream is out of character for you. This makes such a dream all the more disturbing.

You might have a dream where you are robbing a bank or kidnapping a group of people or committing a violent act against someone.

During life we really never entertain the thought of committing a violent act against anyone so why would we have such a disturbing dream?

When we dream this type of dream, we are not actually foreseeing into the future that one day this will in reality will happen. No our dream is trying to tell us something. Unfortunately the dream is presented to us in an out of character way and can leave us quite upset at the thought.

The dream is shocking us into realising that our subconscious thought is trying to say something we need to consider.

Take the example of a violent act. Dream symbols for death indicate that our dream is trying to say that something is going to come to an end. Now maybe the fact it was violent, may very well indicate that it is something we do not want to end but will end abruptly.

The fact that the dream is about us causing the violent act means that you will be the one that brings something in your life to an end, such as a thought or feeling, type of behaviour or environment your living in.

Dreams such as kidnapping or being held captive might indicate your in a situation you feel you have no control of. The dream is trying to tell you to take control of a situation or to get out of a situation in your life.

When you analyse or interpret a dream you need to write down on waking exactly what was in the dream. What colors did you see, what symbols did you see, what was said and most importantly how you felt about the dream emotionally.

Dream interpretation is an individual thing. You read a dream dictionary to see what the symbols mean, you then read what you wrote of your dream and acquaint that with your everyday life and circumstances.

The violent and disturbing dream is a powerful dream to have. Your subconscious is trying to tell you something of importance. Once you understand the symbolism of the dream you will then be able to resolve a conflict or situation in your life.

When you have a violent or disturbing dream it must be stressed to you, that it will not happen in reality. It is a dream full of symbols and feelings for you to personally interpret.

Death of a loved one means letting go of values that you shared with this person as these values are no longer appropriate for you. Suicide is a symbol for you to make changes in your life or the values you are holding. It indicates to you to let those values go and reassess your values that are more appropriate to you and to put aside any jealous feelings you might have.

Death indicates a new beginning, a new life full of new values and thoughts, positive thoughts and self confidence that will lead you to improve your life.

It is fair to assume that if you can have pleasurable dreams that you can have unpleasant dreams. Consider the symbols of the dream and the experience you had by having this type of dream and then relate it to your everyday life.

Violent and disturbing dreams are very powerful and convey a strong message. You just need to work out what that message is in your personal circumstances.

No one else can tell or interpret the dream for you. You know yourself the best and you will understand why you have had this violent and disturbing dream.

9 thoughts on “Disturbing and Violent Dreams

  1. Pat

    I recently had a dream, I don’t know what it was but I was told I was kicking and swinging and speaking in a strange language. The only language I know is English. What on earth could this mean? Im freaked out.

  2. Pat

    This is not the first time this has happened but it has been years since the last time.

  3. Amanda

    For a couple years I have been having horrible nightmares that are violent. Everytime it’s me being murdered but not seeing the face of the person it’s horrible I wake up and scream. But the think that freaks me out the most is every night I have one of those dreams something terrible happens to someone I know nothings happened to me but it affects me in some way. I have searched online for a reason why but I can’t find anything and in each dream I am not just being killed I’m watching myself being murdered. It’s scary!

  4. Max

    I am, at the moment, very frightened. I frequently have terrifying nightmares that I’m being cut on my arm. When I wake up my arm is in pain and I’m holding a knife. There was also a cut on my arm that bled all over my bed. I took all my knives out of my room but I still have the nightmares, as well as pain in my arm. Help please…

  5. Morpheus Blaze

    For the second night in a row I have dreamed of being so close to being murdered and attacked. The first night I dreamed I was in prison that seemed to have no guards and I feared getting stabbed and actually had to fight off someone trying to stab me and on another occasion having to actually fight off an attacker.

    The second dream happened this morning when I dreamed of being in the home and neighborhood I grew up in. I ran out of my house in order to catch my school bus (I’ve been out of high school for over 12 years now) and I had just missed the bus so I ran after it but it was driving too fast and that’s when I noticed a suspicious car that stopped by the side of the road. It seemed to have stopped when the people inside saw me running. Immediately I thought, “It’s a drive-by….. but I’m not a gang banger,” so of course I ran anyway. I ran rough my backyard toward my the house behind our house. I noticed that the car sped off to chase me around the corner. I ran into my backyard neighbors who looked like high school kids and just so happen to be standing around and that’s when the car fired gun shots in our direction so we all scattered and ran and I hid being a house. Seconds later the car disappered into the neighborhood. Although I was shaken up by the incident I continued trying to find and catch up with the school bus to where I thought was a bus stop. I ran into an old high school girlfriend and few other kids who were (I think) were waiting for the bus. There was this buiding and I had the impression it was used for people to wait on the bus… I was a very wierd setting so it difficult to explain but anyway….. I mingled for a while and after we realized the bus wasn’t coming we started to leave the building. When we got outside there seemed to be cars of parents (maybe) picking every one up to take us to school so I went to jump in the closest car to me and that’s when I saw the car that was shooting at me earlier pull up and seem to stare right at me. I pretended to not pay attention to them and continued to get into the car. As soon as I sat down in the back seat on the passenger side someone got out of the suspect car and was suddenly waving a gun through the opposite window. There were 2 other kids and an adult driver in the car I was in and a girl sitting next to me in the back seat. The suspect, who didn’t say a word and looked like an extreme parody of a thug in the movie Menace II Society with his dark locs and wet jheri curl, was waving a gun and shot the girl next to me. In my mind I was screaming “DRIVE BITCH DRIVE!!” but it didn’t happen so I began talking to the suspect and letting him know that I am not a gang banger and I don’t know why he was after me. Talking to him didn’t seem to be working and that’s when I feel that I woke myself up so I would not get shot.

    You are not alone Amanda.

  6. Stacy

    Max, you are in desperate need of an appointment at a sleep clinic. Also, talk to your GP about an appointment with a psychiatrist. Not counsellor… psychiatrist!

  7. Nicole

    I am trying to get a divorce and have been for 8 months now. My ex will not be cooperative in scheduling court dates and delays everything he can to keep me as “his wife.” He is suing the man that I started seeing a couple of months ago for “alienation of affection.” He uses my kids all the time and everyone else for his own benefits. The last couple of nights I have had dreams of him trying to kill me in my new house, and other death related dreams. I had a dream last night that the man of my dreams (couldn’t recognize who he was but we were so hapy together etc etc) got killed in a car accident with me. For some reason, the last two nights, the dreams involved knives. Not sure if these dreams are related to my ex not letting me go or what. I know death means the ending to something in a dream but I can’t end the marriage because he is still in control by dragging this out and creating unneccessary legal fees that I cannot afford. Anyway, I wanted to see if these violent, graphic and dreams of death are related to my pending divorce.

  8. eliana

    Wow I’ve been having a series of violent dreams this whole month. I wasn’t sure what was causing it, my best guess, stress?

    In these dreams I’m shooting zombies, killing attackers and random strangers that break into my house. I always wake up disturbed. So I looked it up this morning and read something about REM sleep behavior disorder, which is when a dreamer acts out their violent dreams by kicking, punching, or even doing more elaborate things like actually handling a gun or jumping out of a window. Anyway a little off topic since none of you were actually “moving” in these dreams. But if you are, perhaps you should look this up. I did, and let me tell you, I’m a bit freaked out now. :/

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